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Stories Behind
My Paintings

The painting "Buddy" was done as a practice for me on learning portrait painting.  This farmer and fisherman turned into a great model for me. 

The story behind the painting of "Ferdinand" and the inspiration that came from seeing a toy bull when I visited an antique store in Louisville, Kentucky.

I had this painting sent back to me from the gallery and reworked the painting to change the entire meaning and significance of the work.  Watch the video of "Rebound" to hear why.

The character that Emmett Kelly created, "Weary Willie", has served as an inspiration for some of my artwork. In this video I will be sharing the stories behind four of my paintings, and will reveal the reason why I painted some of the elements that you see in the artwork.

Tips and Tricks for Artists

"How to Save Your Custom Color"

"Spend Less Time Cleaning Brushes"

"How to Keep Your Oil or Acrylic Paint
Ready to Use"

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