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Monet Painting Supply List


* Canvas will be provided

I use Winsor and Newton brand artist grade, but any brand will work.


Oil Paints


Titanium White 
Cadmium Yellow Lemon (any light yellow like Cadmium Yellow light, pale, or Hansa yellow)

Cadmium Orange
Winsor Red (any bright red like Cadmium Red or Naptha Red. . . think fire engine red)

Permanent Alizarin Crimson (regular Alizarin will work also)
Ultramarine Blue (also called French Ultramarine)
Cerulean Blue
Viridian Green

Brushes and other supplies


Bring the brushes you already have and we will work with those.


I like a variety of long handled soft nylon filberts, flats and angled brushes 1⁄4” to 1⁄2 "

Metal palette knife (to scrape palette clean)
Palette 12” X 16" wood or disposable (for the disposable I recommend Grey Matters paper palette)

A roll of paper towels
Liquin original (any medium you like to work with is ok)
Sealed brush washer
Odorless mineral spirits for cleaning brushes